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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Rotisserie Barbie

The girls went on their second Easter Egg hunt of the year today. They were pretty funny to watch. They could each pick up ten eggs. Both knew which eggs she wanted and would purposely step over an egg if it wasn't one she wanted. Arya picked one up when we walked outside of the church, but the egg hunt hadn't started, so we told her to put it back down. When the hunt started, she went right back to that egg and made sure it went into her basket.

The girls would not go to sleep tonight. They played for a long time. I went up to check on them just after 9:00 pm and Eiley was still awake. She told me "Arya won't stop saying poop." I looked over at Arya, who was fast asleep and told Eiley I didn't think Arya was saying much of anything. "Well, she was saying poop."

Who knew a plant stand could be so diverse. It can be a walker and a rotisserie for a barbie.

Poor Barbie did not have a good day. She had a run in with a rowing machine and lost.

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