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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Nine Months of Z

I don't know about you, but the first couple times I got this stuck on my leg would be enough to convince me to STOP PUTTING IT ON MY LEG. If Eiley would stop, it would stop her from needing to freak out every 10 minutes today. Ha. I keep putting it away and she keeps digging it back out of the toy chest.

Miss Zia is 9 months old today. She pulled herself to standing today. Guess she wanted to give herself a 9 month birthday present. She's just as goofy now as she's always been. She's dragging/pulling herself all over the house. I left her in the living room today and came back a minute later to find her in the hallway. If there is a piece of paper on the floor, she will find it and try to eat it. She loves paper more than anything else. She's starting to eat a few more solids. Still not much, but she enjoys it. She eat mushrooms sauteed with wine and garlic tonight. She refuses to eat plain veggies steamed and pureed. I don't blame her, as I find that pretty bland myself. She likes things with flavor.

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