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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

We had a great Easter. The bunny brought the twins a tooth brush, toothpaste, a book, bubbles, side walk chalk, dental floss, seeds for the garden, and some jelly beans. The bunny figured they get enough candy at school and egg hunts, so they didn't need much. The seeds mean we have to try to figure out how to keep the deer out of our garden. Last year the deer at every single plant. We got two tomatoes and some green beans before they ate the plants. We've never had them jump the fence before. I don't know if the herd is too big to be supported by the regular plants in the area or if last year's summer was just especially bad so they braved the fence for a meal.

The twins talked about poop for most of our drive home tonight. "Bob the Builder, he don't have feet. Bob the builder Poopy". While I would usually tell them that is bathroom talk, I just tried to get it out of their systems. They both think it's hilarious and apparently never tire of it. Letting them talk about poop as much as they want does not get it out of their systems, they just keep going.

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