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Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Friend's Party

I worked in the nursery at church today and all three kids played in there with me. There was only one other kid with us, so basically instead of going to a service we had about 75 minutes of play time with new toys. Everyone had a blast. Eiley spelled this and asked what it spells. I told her Guy-fot-cs. She kept saying "gu.y fu.c.ks". Probably not appropriate for church, but I was laughing.

After church, Arya and Eiley had a birthday party to go to. It was at a local kid salon. They each got their hair done, nails painted, smelly stuff sprayed on them, blasted with glitter, had a little meal and cake, and got to sing karaoke. Cork and I ran errands with Zia during the party. When we picked them up, the mom showed me a video of Arya singing karaoke. She was really into it. I asked the girls this morning if they wanted to be in the kids choir at our church. They both said that they did and this reinforced in my mind that it's something they would enjoy. While I don't want to make the weekly commitment to be at church for another hour, I really do think it's something they will enjoy. I was in the choir at church at their age and have good memories from it. I don't want to deny them of that just because I don't want to be there. We only have one car seat for each kid, so we all have to go together. We don't have the option to have one parent drive the twins and the other follow an hour later with Zia.

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