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Monday, August 19, 2013

We Have A Walker

We had a really good day today. No one was overly cranky. We had a play date here in the morning, Zia napped after, and the other two helped me prep dinner. They made beer bread and meat loaf. I haven't made beer bread since they were arguing over the last beer in the bottle. I opened a beer on Saturday that was really not my style. I decided beer bread was a good way to use it.

Arya is still making up words. This morning she said "actualutely". Absolutely? Actually? Your guess is as good as mine.

I have been saying that once Zia decides to walk, she's just going to take off. Tonight she and I were at our mommy and me group. She wanted to go visit someone and was holding a bag of kleenex while sitting on my lap. She just stood up off my lap and started walking. Goofy girl. She took about 10 steps and then sat down. The whole time we were there she kept walking. A few times she got going too fast while trying to run and would fall forward. If she keeps this up, she'll be running after the twins in no time.

Listening to kids talk is like a game of telephone. Arya was talking to a neighbor kid today. She said "Bow on a flower head" while joking around. The girl laughed and said "Ball on a shower head". They were both laughing, both thinking they were saying the same thing.

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