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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Indukala Returns

I painted all the kids' toenails today, and Arya and Eiley's fingernails. I mentioned that all three kids have toenails like their daddy. Arya asked "If we named Zia Indukala, would she still have toenails like daddy?" And there is that awful name again. LOL.

Zia ate lunch faster than the rest of us today. She was begging to get out of her high chair, so I cleaned her up and put her down on the floor. A few minutes later, I see her head pop up at the table. She'd climbed onto one of the chairs, for the first time. She then helped herself to markers and Eiley's salami sandwich. I had to fish a giant blob of salami out of her mouth. She doesn't have molars yet, and there is now way she was going to chew that.

I made this "dress" out of the giant shirt Eiley got from the library. I still need to add a bow to the back. I think it looks more like a nightgown than a bow, but I can't convince her to wear it at night and not as a dress. She's so proud of the shirt.

The girls just crack me up. I was cleaning up tonight and found these.

I am a bit frustrated tonight. I registered the twins for school back in February. I requested that they be in separate classrooms. Tonight, we went to school orientation to find out who their teachers are, drop off school supplies etc. We found out that they are in the same classroom. I did not make my decision lightly to separate them. Academically, I think they could be in the same class and do fine. I know that there would be some disruptions as they battled things out. They would have periodic disputes in class this past year. For individual development, I really feel strongly about having them in different rooms. I think about how I would feel if I were four years old and the majority of people never called me by my name. If I was knows as "that one" "hey girl" "which one are you" etc. By being in their own classrooms, they will have a teacher who always knows who is who. A teacher who can't group them into one entity in their own mind. A teacher who will always know who is doing what. They will also have friends of their own. Friends in a classroom who can always call them by their own name. Who won't have to ask which one they are. And, the girls are excited about having separate rooms. We've been talking about it since February. I have so torn as to what to do because I do love the teacher. If I had been thinking, I would have gone and introduced myself to the other teacher. By the time we met their teacher, Zia was done and I was a sweaty mess. The room was way too warm and my shirt was soaked with sweat. I wasn't thinking and we just left. I should have also talked to the principal to see what we could do.

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