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Friday, August 30, 2013

Make Up Ap

When good aps go bad.

Arya saw my hair gel today and asked me if it was "died jellyfish".

I made Monkey Butter today. It's basically coconut, banana, pineapple and sugar. I canned it too. I've never canned before. I knew I'd done it right when I heard that familiar pop of cans sealing. I totally forgot about that until I heard each one popping. My mom used to can when I was a child, so I know the sound well.

I called the girls teacher and principal this morning and left messages. Five hours later I drove up to the school to see if I could talk to someone. There was a woman in the office who helped me with registration in February. She is the one who wrote down my request to have the girls in separate rooms and told me it would be possible as long as there were two A.M. classes. She was less than happy to help me today. She made sure I was aware that there aren't always two morning classes, so they can't always separate twins. I'm not sure why she told me this since there are two classes, which means her information doesn't mean anything to us and our situation. I explained that the girls look alike and how no one knows who is who, and a bunch of my other reasoning. She reluctantly switched them. I was very nice and made sure that by switching one into the other class, she didn't have to displace another child. She didn't. I asked if there was any paperwork she or I had to fill out. There wasn't. I'm not sure what the big deal was. She asked what their "proficiency level" is and then told me it doesn't matter since they're the same age and are probably at the same level. I'm not sure why she would ask that. It's not like they've tested any of the kids going into 4K and have any clue what any know. So they can't have the kids arranged in classrooms based on ability. And both Arya and Eiley know just about everything they'll be taught this year. They know their days of the week, letters, months, numbers to 20, what letter words start with, how to write their first and last name etc. Of course repetition is great, so it won't hurt to go over this again. They will be learning some sight words and hopefully be able to tell you if today is Saturday that tomorrow is Sunday. Right now they know the order of the days, but can't always tell you what is next if you pick out a day at random and they aren't reciting them in order.

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