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Friday, August 2, 2013

American Girl

Today was day two of being on the go. We got up early and headed into Chicago. My parents took the girls and us to American Girl for lunch and bought Arya and Eiley their birthday presents. There was one doll who had light hair and hazel eyes. She also has wispy little curls around her face and wavy hair. We couldn't have asked for a better match. Arya and Eiley had fun, but Zia may have been more into it than them. She "ugh ugh ugh"ed at everything. She wanted to pick up every doll she saw. My parents bought Bitty Babies for the other two girls when they were two. Zia showed so much enthusiasm that she conned them into buying her one now instead of waiting.

We all had an amazing lunch at American girl. The meal started with warm mini cinnamon rolls, then a little plate of veggies, fruit, and cheese. We each got to pick our own entree, and dessert was a heart cookie, heart shaped frosted angel food cake, and a chocolate pudding. The dolls got to sit in high chairs next to the girls. Each doll had a little cup next to her. Arya and Eiley gave their new dolls a drink periodically throughout the meal. I told them that their dolls needed a name. We went through a whole list of names like Rainbow Baby, Rainbow Pinky, Purple Rainbow etc. Do you see a trend. I'm not sure the dolls will have a real name for awhile.

After lunch, we headed out of town and toward IKEA. We stayed at a hotel and did a little IKEA shopping and had dinner there tonight. We had all had so much for lunch that we just needed a little bite to eat.

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