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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hair in Poppins

Today was the last day of the summer reading program at our library. They had a little program and drew names for prizes. There weren't too many kids there, so every kid got something. Arya won a bag with a few highlighters, some candy, a pencil, and a rubber ball. Eiley won a kid size L t-shirt that won't fit for years, but it's pink so she was super excited about it. For showing up, each kid also got a certificate for a personal pan pizza and for a 5" sub. Not bad for an afternoon at the library. A fellow mom said that her kids were never motivated by the prizes to do the reading program. At this age, getting a free pizza is huge, especially when we rarely go out to eat. Arya and Eiley were super excited. The motivation, in my opinion, comes from home. They do look at books themselves now and tell the story outloud, but they can't read yet. It's our responsibility as their parents to read to them.

While at the library, the girls saw a little bit of Harry Potter. When we got home we talked about it because they were a little scared. I told them the name and how they may like it when they would get older. Arya turned to Eiley and said "It's Hair in Poppins. Must be he knows Mary Poppins."

Our garden has been awesome this year, especially when we got one tomato last year. This is just one days worth of tomatoes. We have eaten so many, given some away, and still have about 2 gallons of crushed tomatoes in the freezer.

When she wants to eat, nothing is going to stand in her way.

Arya drew this on her own. I asked what it was and honestly can't remember what she said. I think maybe it is an elephant. No matter, it's just cute.

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