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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bear Sesames

We were driving in the car today and there was a R&B song on. I went to switch it and Eiley told me that she liked the song and that she had watched the video for it in Boston this summer with her cousins. Of course I'm picturing the typical music video and wondering why her cousins showed her this. I asked what was in the video. She said a guy with a pacifier. At that point I'm wondering if someone is trying to bring back a fad from when I was in grade school where grown men would carry around a pacifier. Not normal grown men, like rappers. Then she said that the guy was green and Arya chimed in that it was probably the gummy bear. And Eiley says "Yeah, it was. I don't think it was this song." I'm not sure how she confused the two, but I'm glad she cleared it up.

During the same car ride, we went around a corner. Arya told me that I was driving too fast. I guess it's a good thing she wasn't with me when I squealed the van tires while driving on an entrance ramp a tad too fast. The van just doesn't drive like a sports car, even though sometimes I think it should.

Those Bear Necessities are still giving the twins issues. They were helping me make hummus tonight. Arya asked what the tahini was. I explained that it was ground up sesame seeds. And Eiley said "Like Bear Sesames".

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