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Friday, September 6, 2013

Still Adjusting

We're 4 days into the new school year and life at home is great...and rough. The kids are tired by the end of the day. They still want to play at night instead of sleep and that's making for some rough afternoons. They are both used to being away from me for school, but this year it's almost double the time it was last year when you add in the time for the bus. I know they are going through an adjustment and things will get better. They're both super cuddly and lovey. They want tons of mommy time. Our afternoons have been busy, but they need one on one attention. Lots of reading and lots of time on my lap or wrestling on the floor. Eiley had a particularly bad day today. She threw so many fits. Each time I was able to calm her down and get her to make a better choice, until after dinner. I was done and she wouldn't stop throwing a fit. I went to kiss her head and then she rammed her head into my mouth and nose. Ouch. She didn't mean to do it, but it only happened because of her fit. I was less than happy. She lost her right to have a cantaloupe popsicle after dinner because of a fit. When she calmed down, we were able to sit and have mommy time. She wanted to play Memory. The first game she found a pair on her first selection and I was thinking it was all luck. She did the same thing with the second game and I had to laugh. She had laid down a pair in front of her before each game started. Both of them cheated the whole game, so I figured one more pair wasn't going to hurt. Arya ended up having 12 pairs that game, to Eiley's 3...so basically Arya cheated more.

Both kids are getting into the routine of telling us what they did at school. To them, the most important thing is what they got to have as a snack. So far, the snack foods have mainly been things we don't snack on at home like gummies, pretzels, and gold fish.

See this beauty? Hopefully in a few months it will be transformed. It's my new project.

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