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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

First Day of 4K

Arya and Eiley had their first day of 4K today. Their bus was early this morning and we weren't. We didn't miss it, but we were not quite to the stop when the bus showed up. Cork and I drove to the school separately and got them off the bus. Their classes met in the gym for a good 30 minutes of chaos. Eiley got to meet her teacher for the first time and some kids in her class. Arya got to meet all of the girls in her class. She has only three boys and I think fourteen girls. Crazy. Arya's teacher is definitely more enthusiastic and more fun. Eiley's teacher is new this year and I think she was just feeling first day jitters. Or at least I hope. She seemed very nice, but Arya's teacher is so great. I hope that Eiley's is just as amazing once she feels more comfortable. Eiley didn't seem to notice.

I waited for the girls at their bus stop for almost an hour this afternoon. Their bus driver apparently didn't know her route and they were 45 minutes late. I called dispatch twice during that time. I know that a bit of a delay is normal on the first day, but this was too much. When they finally got here, Arya was asleep and the bus driver had to wake her. Both girls were starving, despite having a snack at school. We had a great lunch and talked about what they did at school. Both seemed so excited and truly loved being in different classrooms. I am so glad that my gut feeling was right so far.

This picture absolutely cracks me up. You can't tell, but we're all leaning way back in a rocking chair.
So far back that apparently Zia thinks we may tip.

It was only a matter of time before she climbed in.

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