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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Just Like Cinderella

I mopped my floor this morning. I'm not sure why. By the time the kids were in bed, I had cleaned up breakfast, snacks, dinner, and huge amount of sauce meant for our pepper steak stirfry dinner. I burnt myself when I was pouring it into the pan and it went flying. There was a bit of an over reaction on my part. Me, Zia, the stove, the cabinets, and the floor were covered.

While I cleaned up, the twins kept themselves occupied. I'm so glad they know how to entertain themselves. Can you sense the sarcasm? They were on the kitchen counter and I was paying more attention to my clean up than what they were doing. I looked up to find that they'd road mapped themselves. Wonderful.

Arya asked me today if I would throw her down the stairs. I told her I didn't think that would be much fun. She still wanted me to throw her. I didn't. Before I started to mop this morning, she took the mop from me. She told me she was just like Cinderella and was so excited to clean. I need to remember this and tell her to be like Cinderella more often.

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