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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Little Zucchini

We started this book chart at the beginning of the summer. A friend was doing one with her daughter and the twins and I liked the idea. I wanted to put 500 spaces on the poster, but the girls decided we should have space for 1,000 books. Yikes. I knew we probably wouldn't hit 1,000 for the summer, but I was okay with the idea of going into the school year. We did not keep track most of the time we were gone this summer, so I'm sure we hit 500 awhile ago, but our stickers hit 500 today. The girls get to choose what they want to do as a little reward when they hit 500 and 1,000. They decided ice cream would be their reward for this goal. 

We headed to the zoo this afternoon after school. Zia wanted to get out and walk everywhere, but she didn't want to walk with us. I had her buckled into the stroller and I looked down to see that she was almost completely out of the buckle. I called her "Little Houdini" and Arya asked why I was calling her "Little Zucchini."

The three girls and I have a routine for when we're out and about. When we get back to the car, if Zia wants to nurse, she says "nah" and points to the passenger captain seat. I feed her sitting there and the twins sit in the driver seat. Usually they just sit and talk to me. I was distracted today with Zia trying to grab things while she nursed. She finished and I got all three kids in their car seats. I sat down in my seat, started the car, and then laughed. Arya had drawn a set of purple crayon eyes and a smiley mouth on my steering wheel. I should be mad, but it is pretty funny. I just explained to her, again, why she should only write on paper I give her and not other objects.

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