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Monday, October 15, 2012

Glitter on the Floor

Eiley is all about dressing herself lately. Today, she put tights on all by herself. I have to say that I'm pretty impressed.

I posted on Facebook today stating that I have no clue how anyone with kids keeps a clean house. I was trying to clean up lunch, which sounds simple enough. In the time it took me to put away food, and do nothing else, the twins had found and spread confetti all over the living room and dining room. It was in the couch and EVERYWHERE! I asked them to clean it up and they refused. I decided to vacuum it, which of course made them really mad. I then asked them to clean up all the stuff that goes to their kitchen and they refused. When I told them that if they didn't clean up I would move the kitchen to the basement, I got a "so what" type of response. So, their kitchen is in the basement and their attitudes are still just as bad. They really don't care if I take anything away since they always have each other. A couple other twin moms know what I'm going through. I got a lot of comments on my Facebook status. Basically it sounds like people either have a spotless house and don't play with their kids at all or have a messy house and play with the kids. I'd much rather have the chaotic house I have and play with my kids than have a spotless house that looks like no one lives here.

I did get through to the twins in one way today. Eiley kept chewing on a balloon that she'd gotten at school last week. I asked her over and over to take it out of her mouth. Finally I got so fed up that I took the balloon and popped it. Wow! That was apparently the worst thing that has ever happened to them. Arya sobbed so hard that she couldn't catch her breath. Eiley was fine at first, but Arya's crying set her off and she started as well. It took a long time for Arya to calm down. She was so upset. This afternoon, the two of them were talking about how they can't bite balloons and how it's dangerous, so I think I finally go through to them.

Arya was in the bathroom tonight and was yelling "MOM I'M DONE!" Eiley was in the kitchen with me and wanted to know if Arya wanted "Mommy Mommy" or "Mommy Eiley". The two of them have been playing house where one of them is the mom and they clarify who they are talking about by calling each other "Mommy Arya" and "Mommy Eiley". I went to the bathroom and wiped Arya. Eiley came in just as I finished. She was wearing a rubber glove and said "but I got all ready". LOL! I laughed so hard. I have no idea why she wanted to wipe Arya so bad or why she needed a rubber glove to do it.

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