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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Measuring Weight

We went to a little local festival today. Arya and Eiley wore the coats my mom made them almost 2 years ago. The sleeves are a little short now, but the body still fits. We had all sorts of comments and even had a couple random people ask if they could take pictures.

The girls were measuring or weighing or something each other day. What they said they were doing kept changing, but they were very occupied with a measuring tape for a long time. Maybe they were sick of me taking the rest of their toys. They kept playing with markers and then refusing to clean them up. Each time I had to clean them up, I ended up taking the markers they left out. They got some new art supplies today with coupons they received for their birthday. The supplies were things they picked out, but they didn't care at all when I took those. Sigh! My kids are definitely three years old.

I made a huge pot of chili tonight and some dairy free quinoa spoon bread for dinner. Neither wanted to eat at first, but did end up eating a large bowl of chili each. Eiley gave me a new and very inventive reason as to why she couldn't eat. "I can't eat cause my 'gina's hanging out". She had a little plumber crack going on. I had to let her know that was her but.t and that it had nothing to do with whether or not she could eat.

So cute. The first bath of all three together. The older two don't mind that there is very little water in the tub. They've been begging to take a bath with Zia since they saw their cousins bathe together in Boston.

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