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Saturday, October 27, 2012


Poor Sikozu doesn't have enough sense to run away from the lint roller.

We took the kids to the zoo's trick or treat event today. They had a blast. Arya and Eiley were completely uninterested in the animals today. They just wanted the candy.

We made the kids stand by the wolves for awhile. I could have stood there a lot longer than we did. In the few years we've been members at the zoo, I've only seen the wolves out once before and they weren't very active. Today, they were all over their area and right up by the glass. A couple of their keepers were in the cage with them. I asked a zoo volunteer about that and she said that the wolves were raised by a german shepherd and the keepers are in there with them a lot. When someone is mowing the grass, the keepers are there with the wolves. Most of the animals at the zoo do not have direct contact with their keepers, so I found this very interesting.

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