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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Running Out of Bubbles

Arya and Eiley wanted to wear the same clothes to school today. I'm sure their teachers appreciated it. I did put different colored rubber bands and barrettes in their hair so the teachers had something they could use to tell them apart.

The girls know when I'm busy and tend to get into trouble while I'm doing something. Today, I was sweeping the family room. We'd raked outside and they'd tracked a bunch of leaves in. When I was finishing, I heard Eiley in the living room say "I'm running out of bubbles." Horrible images flashed through my mind as I tried to figure out where they'd gotten bubbles. I ran in there to check on them and saw that they'd unzipped a couch cushion and were pulling all the stuffing out. I was so mad, but also was trying not to laugh. They were being pretty creative. I did make them clean it up after I took a picture.

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