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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Rainy Day

Almost! Hahaha. Most days they do a great job dressing themselves. Eiley can even put tights on all by herself now. Some days they need a little help though.

No, she's not eating solids yet, but I think it's funny.

It was cold and rainy here today. I needed to get a lot of things done, but Arya and Eiley were craving attention. I saw a friend post about this on FB and decided it was perfect for today. I put them in their swim suites and let them play with water in my shower. They were so happy for a really long time. I even got a chance to clean my shower while they were playing.

And then they took a turn cleaning.

Poor Zia always has a sibling putting a pacifier in her mouth. She still has no interest sucking on them, but today she decided it was fun to chew on. She would chew on it and then spit it out, really hard, so it would fly away from her. Of course she got laughs when she did it the first time, so she kept doing it. My child who has no interest in a pacifier kept trying to put it back in her own mouth. She couldn't figure out how to keep it in by sucking on it, so she would try to hold it in with her hand to suck a little. Since she was doing such a great job with this one, I decided to try the other couple kinds of pacifiers we have. Apparently she still hates the silicone tips as much as she did. She prefers the rubber ones. She also still gags on every other kind we have.

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