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Friday, October 5, 2012

Tummy Time Lift

Look who finally decided to try to pick her head up during tummy time. Usually she lays on her stomach with her face planted into the ground. Arya and Eiley did tummy time the exact same way. They hated it just like she does. She has the muscles she needs to hold herself up, but until today she wouldn't even try. 

Arya and Eiley have show and tell at school every Friday. So far, they have been allowed to bring anything in that they want. The teachers want to get to know them through this. Arya has brought things she really cares about. Eiley keeps bringing a lamb she doesn't care about at all. She brings it in, talks about it in class and then dumps it on the floor once we get home. She doesn't touch it again until she shoves it back in her backpack the next Friday for show and tell. Today, another mother was in the classroom when Arya was showing her doll. One of the teachers asked her what her dolls name was. She very matter of factly said "Her name what I call her that day."

The older 2 spent a little time at a friend's house today without me. They've done this at a neighbor's house, but this is the first time I've driven them somewhere and left. They had a great time. They carved pumpkins. Or at least drew all over them and then the friend's mom ended up cleaning them out and carving them. They tried to jump rope. Which I was told was hilarious. I wish I had seen it. They did not want to leave when I stopped by to pick them up.

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