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Monday, October 22, 2012

Hi Friend

I was looking at a blog today and saw stories from a mom who has identical triplets. One of the stories was about how kids at school always mistake one of her girls for another. This reminded me about how none of the kids in Arya and Eiley's class has a clue who is who. We hear a lot of "hi friend" and stuff like that. The teachers told me last week that the girls switched on them halfway through the class and started telling everyone they were the other child. I can't blame the kids for not knowing who is who when the girls don't always stay the same. This does make me wonder when Zia will know the difference between the girls. I think I wrote about a wedding we were at 2 years ago where we met identical twin girls who were probably about 10. Their younger sister was maybe 3 at the time and still had a hard time knowing which sister was which. Arya definitely spends more time playing with Zia and soothing her when she's upset. Eiley still plays and soothes, but not as much.

I was feeding Zia today and Eiley came up to me and said "Mom, I made a mess." That's definitely not something you want to hear from your child. When I was done, I went to check on her "mess". She'd decided to comb out and style the hair on her dressing table thing. After the detangler spray she tried didn't work, she grabbed the water spray bottle we use for Zia's diapers and used most of it on the doll, the table, the floor etc. At least it was just water. She had also grabbed a rag towel out of the kitchen and was wiping up the mess for me.

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