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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Writing and Tracing

This was a conversation I heard between the twins today while I was feeding Zia. 
A: Eiley you look at my butt?
E: Shoot! You still have poop. Arya, I think you have poop on your bagina.
A: Oh!!! My bagina?
E: All over your bagina!

How do you not laugh at that? I was feeding Zia when I heard this. The two of them were in the bathroom together. Arya yelled that she was done and I did not know she'd pooped. I told her to wipe herself. After this conversation she walked out into the family room without pants on, bent over and asked me to tell her if there was still poop. I'm not sure she wiped at all. Ha! Thankfully Zia was done then and I could put her down and go clean Arya up.

The girls are doing an awesome job writing the first letter of their names and tracing all the letters. Arya scribbled on hers after tracing, but besides that it looks great.

We baked pies today. Every time we bake apple pies, we make one for our neighbor. After dinner, we got ready to go drop it off at his house. Eiley showed up in the kitchen wearing one of my hats.

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