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Friday, March 7, 2014

Crazy Hair

Today was crazy hair day at the twins' school and that wasn't the only thing that was crazy today. Arya and Eiley were both full of energy all day long. At breakfast they were singing and making up words in songs. "We piss you a Merry Pissmass." I told them they were talking jibberish and Arya asked "Is that talking Jewish?" Not Yiddish child, Jibberish. Then Eiley ran off for the potty and yelled to me "Mom, my underwear has a bruise." That's not a bruise child, that's a skid mark. This was all within a few minutes at breakfast. Our day continued like that until they got on the bus. Since it was 40 today, I brought them to the zoo to try to wear them out. Both spent some time in the Ergo, so they definitely didn't get worn out as much as I had hoped they would. They were crazy this afternoon again. It really needs to warm up and dry out so we can run around outside.

e ate a picnic lunch at the zoo. Eiley was eating a Cutie and asked if it was a "lemonine".

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