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Monday, March 31, 2014

No Clothes or Small Clothes

Two nice days in a row, and the kids are worn out. I made tonight's dinner last night after putting the kids in bed so we could just play today. The weather forecast does not look great for the rest of the week. I picked the twins up at school. I had Zia in an Ergo and in the time it took me to get her off my back and sitting in her seat (not locked in), both Arya and Eiley had removed their shirts, shoes, socks, and pants. I let them ride home that way. When we got home, Arya told me I had to carry them in the house. I made them put shoes back on, gather their clothes, coats, and backpacks, and walk themselves into the house. We ate lunch and headed outside. I made them put clothes on before heading out. Arya couldn't remember when she put her pants, so she threw on a pair of Zia's 18m pants. I could not believe they fit. They were short, but they fit. We stayed outside until we had to go to a dental appointment. After the dentist, we stayed outside until dinner time. The kids wanted to watch tv, but I did not let them. Once I gave them a snack and herded them back outside, they were happy to be out again. They rode their bikes, scooters, swung on the swings, slid down the slide, picked up sticks in the back yard, and dug carrots from the garden. Most of the carrots survived the winter. The tops did get a little frost bite, but the bottoms are fine. I'm sure the tops would have been fine if we hadn't had such a harsh winter.

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