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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Her Own Style

And it starts again. Zia can now und.re.ss herself. Or maybe I shouldn't say again, since the other two still do this.

Arya has been wearing this hat and headband to school. I assumed she was taking it off once she got there. Another mom let me know that she's been wearing it every day in class. What a nut. I love that her teacher just goes with it and doesn't ask her to take it off. And yes, I am letting her sit on the counter and eat strawberry pie straight from the pan. It was a good pie and as far as desserts go, not too terribly unhealthy.

This slide has provided countless hours of fun around here. It is causing lots of fights right now too, but more fun than anything. I am amazed that the older two still play on it, but they love it. Even Zia now tries to slide or jump down it in style and not just sitting nicely.

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