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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Swim Update

I took all three kids swimming today. I hoped that it would wear them out. It sort of did, until they got a snack and then they were wild again. They swam really hard for an hour. They are getting so much better. A friend from school asked if we would change our swim lessons from Tuesday to Wednesday night. By changing, they also move up a level. Their instructor from the first round said they should stay in the level they are at, but I disagree. I am glad they get to move up. The only requirement they didn't meet to move up was being able to swim 5 yards unsupported. Both actually can do that and did it over and over tonight. It's not pretty, but it doesn't have to be. Eiley just kicks to get where she's going. She never seems to remember to paddle. Arya is getting good at paddling, but isn't great at floating on her back. Eiley can swim on her back for 5 yards by herself. I think moving up a level will push them to do more, especially when we aren't paying for lesson time to be spent teaching them to jump in or play ring around the rosies. I know they need to have fun, but they are with kids who don't want to put their faces in the water.

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