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Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools

I switched Arya and Eiley on Corky today. I had him put them in the wrong cribs after a feeding last night. When I told him who was who, he commented that they had moved sides since the last feeding. I was surprised how observant he was in the middle of the night. It shows he's been getting more sleep than me.

This morning I went to the gym early and by the time I got home Eiley was awake. I assume Cork thought she was Arya as she'd been in Arya's crib. I dressed the girls in their Thing 1 and Thing 2 onesies. Arya usually wears 1 and Eiley wears 2, because that's the order they were born. Today they wore the wrong number. Cork assumed they had the right one on and called them by the wrong name until he went to work.

When Cork got home from work, he called them by the wrong names again as he played with them and went for a walk. We were both in the kitchen later and Eiley fell over in the family room, toppling a big toy with her. Cork looked in and knew who it was right away, even though he could only see the top of her head. We picked them up, put them in the highchairs, covered their shirts with their bibs and he stopped using the wrong name. He's been much better lately at telling them apart and I could tell he was using his old crutch of clothes to tell who was who instead of really taking a look at them. Once he had to actually look, he knew who was who right away. I still haven't told him they were switched. Guess he'll read it here.


  1. LOL That's a great April Fool's prank. :D btw, if you ever need help with photos, like getting them flipped, I have Photoshop and can flip them for you if you like. Just saying. :D

  2. Thanks! I haven't ever had an issue flipping and saving before. I could flip these pics, but couldn't get my software to give me an option of the format to save them in. It just wanted to save them as a generic file. When saved like that they wouldn't open back up as a photo in any of the photo viewing software options I have.

  3. Bwahahaha! So impressed that you did a switcheroo on April Fool's! Humor makes those sleep-challenged days a LOT more fun!

    Happy to have found your blog via Multiples and More...happily following!

  4. I found you blog through Multiples and More! I'm a new follower and hope you will stop by my blog and check it out, too!

    I couldn't pull that one on my DH - we have fraternal (night and day) twin boys...I'm a little jealous - that's an awesome April Fools Day Prank! :)

  5. If you want to email them to me I can try to save them as .jpeg or .png for you to see if you'd be able to open them. Totally up to you. :D