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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring is In the Air

It's gorgeous outside today. After a long morning of playing, swimming and eating, the girls took a very short nap and now we're all sitting outside enjoying the weather. Both kids have perfected the art of pulling grass out of the grown and shoving it into her mouth. We put them on a towel in hopes of stopping some of the grass eating. It was a good try, but we failed. Why they'll eat grass, but not carrots is a mystery to me.
Even our cats are enjoying the weather. Cork finished zoom grooming them right before I snapped the picture. You can see big globs of fur behind the girls on the grass.

Today the girls are sporting brand new outfits from their Auntie Karen that were picked out by their cousins Nicole and Renee. Nicole and Renee did a great job picking out adorable outfits.

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  1. The girls look so cute! Love, Nicole and Renee