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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Had a Bad Day

Most of the time, when I look back on my day, I think we had a great day or that our day wasn't too bad. Today was not one of those days. The girls woke up cranky and stayed that way most of the day. Eiley threw a huge fit both times I tried to get her to nap. Arya threw a huge fit at the cranial clinic when I wouldn't let her eat the paper on the examination table. She threw another fit in her high chair because she didn't feel like eating solids at lunch today. I didn't make her, but I did keep her there while Eiley ate. I'm talking screaming as hard as they could, making themselves bright red and horse type yelling. The type of yelling that would make a casual observer think something is very wrong. There's nothing wrong though, it's just my very strong minded kids trying to tell me that they don't like whatever is going on. I can't wait until they can sign back to me and tell me that they are pissed off instead of screaming at me all day long. These fits were just the tip of the iceburg.

I wish I had brought my camera with me to the cranial clinic. The girls heads were scanned today for their helmets. A nylon type thing was put over their heads with holes cut for their faces and ears and bands cut at the bottom to tie under their armpits so they couldn't pull it off. They had a small electronic device on the top of their head that told the scanner where their head was in space. The scanner was moved around their heads and a 3D image was instantly created on a laptop screen. The result was an extremely creepy representation of each kid. They looked like the horror movie doll version of my children. I told the people there that I thought that and they both got a good laugh. I really need to get copies of those pictures. They would have been perfect to post today after the day we had.

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