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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk

This is all the remains of my hard earned frozen breast milk. Apparently my milk is high in lipase. Because of the lipase, the fat in my milk breaks down very quickly. If I pump and put milk in the fridge, it stinks in less than 24 hours. Freezing it does not stop the breakdown of the fat. There is nothing wrong with the milk, except it tastes funky and smells soapy. Some kids will drink milk like this, mine won't. Mine won't even eat foods with this milk mixed in. The solution to the lipase is to scald the milk right after it's pumped. Because the kids started sleeping through the night :cheer: I am pumping most nights before I go to bed. I'm not getting a lot since they each eat not too long before this, but enough that I'm slowly building up a stash.

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  1. ohno...that stinks (no pun intended) sorry. i went through a phase of this but it didn't last long...one of the twins drank the milk no problem and the other wouldn't. at any rate...stay encouraged...i've been nursing for 12+ mos! i just stopped pumping this week though..hoping to begin the weaning process...