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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Do Pot Now

And it begins...one of the girls spilled water today.
V: Arya, did you spill your water?
A: No!
E: Arya spill my wahwah.
V: Arya, did you spill Eiley's water?
A: Yeah!

We ran to the store today to buy a couple things, including pink emmy emmies for the kids. They were so happy on the way home, making so much noise and then suddenly it was quiet.

I have been renting a DVD or two for the kids from the library each week. This week they have a Barney one and a Spot one. Arya wanted to watch them today, but they watched enough tv yesterday, so I told her no. She kept pushing for Spot and I told her "No, we aren't watching Spot right now". Her response "Yes, mama do pot now". How do you not laugh at that?

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