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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

If You Give a Kid a Cupcake

I started giving the girls M&Ms for peeing on the potty. I thought they were getting close to being ready to potty train, so figured we'd give this a try to see if it gave them the little kick, push, shoved etc. in the right direction. The M&Ms might be working a little too much. The girls are asking to use the potty more often than they probably need to, but Eiley went all day today without a wet diaper and even pooped in the potty. Arya was playing upstairs with Eiley and a neighbor kid. The neighbor kid came down with Arya's diaper and told me that Arya had peed in the potty. She's never peed on a potty by herself, so I figured she'd just taken her diaper off. Nope. She'd actually peed. I asked her to show me how she'd climbed onto the toilet. She's a little monkey and used the cabinet and scaled between it and the toilet. She then held onto the cabinet and sort of squatted on the toilet. I am surprised there was no pee on the floor. Apparently the neighbor kid had given her toilet paper and she'd even wiped herself. I'm not ready to go without diapers yet, but they are getting closer.

If you give a kid a cupcake...

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