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Friday, January 13, 2012


The girls very late (9:30 pm) bed time last night made for a very rough day today. As always, their late to bed does not mean late to rise and they were awake by 6:30 am. We had a nice melt down at Target and Arya kicked her shoe off twice while we were there. The first time an employee returned it to us. The second time I had to go back and look for it after we had checked out. Of course I couldn't find it. I heard another mom, with a screaming 2 year old, say something about losing his shoe. I could see his shoe in a part of her cart that she couldn't see while pushing and told her where it was, then mentioned we were looking for the same thing. She had run over Arya's shoe, so picked it up and put it on a shelf. I would not have found it if she hadn't shown me where she put it, even though I knew which area Arya must have lost it.

Back home, we I tried to keep the kids occupied all day. We were supposed to have a play date this afternoon, but it got cancelled. Instead, we painted, watched some Barney, played with stickers, drew, read books etc. I was running out of things to do and asked if they wanted me to paint their toe nails. Both agreed that was a fantastic idea. Arya picked out blue and Eiley picked out pink. When I was done painting, Eiley said "Eiley paint mama toes". How could I say no to that. The spent the next 10 minutes happily passing the nail polish back and forth, giving me an amazing manicure.

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  1. This is hilarious!!
    I just found your blog again and I really enjoy it! :)