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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sticker Fun

Having two year olds means finding stickers in your dryer almost every time you run it.

It was a gorgeous day today, in the mid to high 50s, so we spent most of the day outside. I walked all over the zoo, carrying Arya in an Ergo, per her request. I'm impressed with how comfortable the Ergo is to wear while pregnant.

During one of our small stints inside, Arya and I had a conversation while I changed her diaper. She is talking about her butt lately, which of course is funny, but I have to get her to stop doing it in public. She put my tea travel mug on her back side at the zoo and said "my put dat on my butt" which seems to be one of her favorite sentences lately. So, during this diaper change she was talking about touching her butt while hitting the side of her leg. I know she's young for it, but she and I had a conversation about how only daddy, she and I can touch her butt. Of course she informed me that Eiley touches her butt in the bathtub. So, I changed what I was saying and explained again how no one else should ever touch her butt. Then I asked what she should say if anyone ever asks to touch her butt and she responded "tease", as in please. I couldn't help but laugh. She just proved that she is too young to understand the conversation we just had, but it can't hurt to start young.

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