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Monday, January 23, 2012


We had a fun day today, despite being inside most of the day. I made the girls "sand" out of flour and baby oil. What a mess! I figured it would get messy, but I didn't anticipate how much fun they would have...which translates to how hyper they would get. I couldn't keep both in check at the same time. We got the sand all over the kitchen and it was tracked through the hall and onto the front rug. I needed to clean the kitchen floor anyway, so I didn't mind. The girls played with this longer than they have done any other activity in a long time, so it was definitely worth the mess.

I found this bag behind the living room couch. I dumped the stuff in it so I could see what a 2 year old collects. In doing so, I found some things I had been looking for. They had Christmas ornaments, my first shoes, a small pot from the kitchen, a shovel, a handle to a plastic container, cards, one of their baby shoes, a pair of slippers, plastic cheese, mega blocks, and a my little pony brush in the bag. Very important stuff.

Arya was holding Eiley on the couch today. She must be practicing up for baby #3.

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