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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Swearing Toddlers

The kids always get into something while I clean up the kitchen from lunch. Today it wasn't so bad though. As I cleaned, Eiley came running through with no pants or diaper on. As she passed me she yelled out "my peepee poopoo on poppy mama". I chased after her to get some clothes back on her. She said she'd washed her hands, but Arya ratted her out that she hadn't used any "oap" (soap).

We were going into a store and Arya was telling Eiley "No shit Eiley, okay. No shit" LOL. She was telling Eiley not to throw a fit, but I think her way of saying it was pretty appropriate too.

Tonight, they were arguing about chips at dinner.
A: My no want big tits.
E: My want big tits.

Of course Cork and I couldn't stop laughing, so now they both are walking around saying these sentences. They have no idea which word in the sentence is funny.

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