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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cloth Malfunction

I have no idea what got into the cats this morning, but both were walking around the house meowing like crazy. Sikozu wanted into the basement. The kids know the routine and before i could say anything, they both told him "no bayben YouYou". Then when he wouldn't stop meowing, one of them yelled out "no diedie YouYou", as in no candy. The other picked up on it and all day when the cats meowed, the kids told them "no diedie". This should tell you how often the kids whine for candy and are told "no candy".

The girls were playing this afternoon and I see Arya grab Eiley's hand and drag her upstairs. I heard their bedroom door shut and then Arya yelled from the hall "you go bed right now Eiley" and a few seconds later "time bed you Eiley".

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