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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hanger Girls

We took the girls to an Easter party at our gym today. They were pretty funny. Eiley, who is more likely to follow, was instantly into it. She sat right down to have her face painted and was having a ball. Arya, who is usually the leader, was very subdued. She was not interested in having her face painted, even after watching Eiley. I had to practically hold her in place while she did her first art project, despite the fact that one of her teachers as the person helping at that station. Eventually, Arya warmed up after doing a couple art projects and especially after making a little rice krispie treat bird nest with coconut and jelly beans. Once we went upstairs and she saw the bounce house, all of her inhibition was gone. She race into the bounce house and would have happily stayed in there all day. We pulled both kids out for a quick story time and then it was time for an Easter egg hunt. The staff members had "hidden" plastic eggs outside for the kids. I say "hidden" since most were in plain view. Each child was instructed to pick up 12 eggs and put them in their basket. It did not take Arya or Eiley long to figure out how much fun this was and that the eggs were full of stuff. They came home with some candy, fun erasers and lots of stickers. I think this was a nice warm up for next week.

After the party, we came home for a short time. Arya and Eiley, like all normal 2 year olds, played with plastic hangers while I planned some meals for the week and Cork booked hotel rooms for a mini trip to Chicago and a wedding later this summer in La Crosse. After that, we all headed out the door for dinner at P.F. Changs. While going to a chain restaurant is not necessarily our first choice, it was a free choice tonight thanks to a gift card, so we weren't going to pass it up. The girls did very well while at dinner. I think they are always way better behaved when we "go out eat" than they are when we eat at home. They love to "go out eat".

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