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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The One About Me

Today's post is about ME!!!! I'm 28 weeks pregnant today and got to drink this wonderful glucose drink and then have my blood sugars tested. I passed with "flying colors". I also had my iron checked and that's fine. I failed both of those during my pregnancy with Arya and Eiley. I was also banished to the couch by this time with them. I've recently switched my care provider for the third time during this pregnancy. With Arya and Eiley, I settled because I felt like the Dr. I was seeing was best for a twin pregnancy, especially one with complications. I did not particularly like her as a Dr. or as a person. This time I've finally found someone I like both as a midwife and as a person. My appointment with her today was great and she spent a lot of time talking to the girls. I did not bring them with me last month and was asked by multiple times where they were. The midwife let them help her with the doppler to listen to the baby, they got stickers and suckers and everyone was so friendly. The midwife spent a lot of time talking to me as well. She told me something no one else has mentioned to me during this pregnancy. She said that because my uterus was stretched so far (about 50 weeks) with the twins, I am more likely to experience braxton hicks contractions. I have been having a lot of BH, not as many as with A&E, but more than most people would probably consider normal. It was nice to hear that it's pretty much expected. I'm measuring 2 weeks ahead right now and everything else looks perfect. This all shows what a difference one baby makes.

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