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Friday, March 9, 2012

Mickey Mouse Pizza

Life with 2 year olds is never boring. I thought the girls slept in this morning past 6:15. Nope! And, we don't have a puppy in the house. They were very quietly, and apparently happily, ripping apart a box of tissues in their room.

This afternoon, Arya held out her finger with a big booger on it and excitedly proclaimed "my pick my nose!" Just before that, I was doing some dinner prep as the kids played upstairs. Eiley yelled down the stairs "Arya poopoo in her unwear mama". Yes, she was ratting her sister out. Thankfully she told me quickly enough that I could run up the stairs and get Arya on the potty.

As I rolled out pizza dough tonight, Eiley looked at it and said "Mama make mickey mouse pizza!" No my dear, mama just isn't very good at rolling round dough. Thanks for rubbing that in. And of course Cork had to then point out that if she thought that was mickey mouse shaped, then I was probably making pretty bad mickey mouse pancakes. I have to admit that my mickey pancakes are not as nicely shaped as the ones Cork makes.

Both kids love to floss their teeth now. Because their baby teeth are very close together in the front, I do sometimes floss them. Eiley got herself some dental floss tonight and had pulled out multiple feet of it before we saw it. Cork asked her something like "how much dental floss do you need" and her innocent response was "too much." How do you not laugh when your toddlers are saying things like this all day long.

I saw a picture today on Facebook of a friend who was about as pregnant as I am, who still fits into her pre pregnancy clothes. While there is no way I can fit into my shirts without stretching them out, I decided to try a pair of jeans. My butt has grown and I won't be wearing these in public, but I feel pretty good that at 25 weeks pregnant I can still fit into my pre pregnancy jeans.

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