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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Backseat Drivers

And so it begins. My little backseat drivers have made themselves known. A few weeks ago we had the flashing red light incidents. Today we were going to meet some friends at a park and the road we needed to take was closed. I pulled over to look at a map on my phone to figure out how to get around the closed road. I wasn't familiar with the area and we were out in the country, so I did not want to try to take a road and just hope it went through. The questions started flying from the peanut gallery as soon as I stopped. "Are we lost?" "Do you know where you are going?" "Did you go the wrong way?" "Are you sure you went the right way?" "How do you know the road is closed?" The questions did not stop when I turned around and found our way to the park. They were very concerned that I did not know where I was going. Poor kids have no clue that I'm lost half of the time I'm behind the wheel. I wonder at what age they will figure this our or when I will let on that I have the city completely backwards in my mind and every time I get in the car I have to think about the fact that the lake is in the opposite direction I think it is.

I did not want them to fall asleep on the way home, so I did what every good mom would do. I told them they could talk about poop. Eiley looked at Arya and said "Let's say something." Then, at the exact same time, they broke out with "Mother, Father, Son, and Daughter. There's a place for me in God's fam-poop." How they knew what they were going to say and to only add poop at the end of family is beyond me. All I know is that it kept them awake for the 25 minute drive home and they both went to bed easily tonight.

Zia clapped today for the first time. She was playing in the living room and I walked in. She looked at me and clapped. Then she clapped every couple minutes the rest of the day. It was so cute. I don't think the twins ever clapped like this. She's so proud of herself.

The picture above cracks me up. Arya and Eiley were typing on my laptop while I was feeding Zia. They typing and then hitting enter and sending things to facebook. I kept telling them to stop, but I was laughing. I put Zia down when she was done and she instantly crawled over to the computer. Eiley got so mad.

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  1. You are such a fantastic mom. Seriously.