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Friday, April 26, 2013

Mom Eiley

Eiley really did not want Zia to get into the cat bowls today. This makes me laugh, but Eiley can be really helpful. I rarely shower at home if no other adult is around. I happened to today. Zia did not want to nap and I wanted to shower so we could run a few errands. I put her in her room, locked her gate and took a quick shower. When I finished, I heard Zia screaming, so I went to see what was going on. Arya had opened the baby gate to Zia's room and Eiley basically had Zia tackled in the hall so she couldn't get to the stairs. I am so glad Eiley is protective and was watching out for Zia. I now know that I need to put a padlock or something on the gate if I have to shower when no one else is here.

Zia quickly bounces back from her sister's parenting.

The twins "flew" kites today. I think I spent more time pulling sticks out of the kite strings than they spent flying them, but we all had fun.

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