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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sick Kid

We made it 3.5 years without going to the Dr for a sick visit. The older two have had the rotovirus and RSV but both corresponded with well visits. Arya's right eye has been a little funky for a couple days and she's seemed more tired than normal. She woke up today with both eyes glued shut with goop and I decided it was time to take her in. I did not want to take her to the Dr and pay an outrageous fee to be told she just has a cold. Thankfully I will be paying an outrageous fee for a double ear infection and two eyes with pinkeye. Lovely. She got a couple prescriptions and as long as she has no fever, her Dr. said she's fine to go to school tomorrow. We spent most of our day today just sitting around and watching cartoons. Too many days like this would drive me a bit bonkers, but today wasn't bad. We did a lot of cuddling and watching Zia crawl all over. We watched a Baby Einstein signing video three times and even Zia watched some of it. She was funny to watch because she got excited each time people signed "milk" on the video.

Zia's new favorite toy. She follows me around while I vacuum. It's pretty cute.

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