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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sick Zia

Today was day three of Zia having a fever. I decided it was time to take her into the doctor. We went three and a half years without a sick visit and then had two within a week. Her fever was high, but not dangerously so. She spent all day in the Ergo again today. When I called the doctor's office, I told the nurse I was pretty sure she had an ear infection. The nurse asked if she was tugging on her ear. She wasn't. She actually wasn't doing anything that would normally make a parent think their child has an ear infection. She just wasn't her normal happy self. She needed to be held almost every minute of the day. The Ergo is comfortable, but after wearing a child for about 10 hours, three days in a row, it was bit uncomfortable. I took her in as much for my benefit as for hers. I also need a decent night sleep. After having sick kids for a week, I am drained. I was up half  the night with her last night as she didn't want to lay down. The bit I slept was mostly done sitting up while holding her.

Today's lunch was grilled cheese, blackberries, and pretzels with hummus. They each ate some carrots and a bunch of mango after they finished off all of this.

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