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Monday, April 29, 2013

Puke Fest

Arya was coloring a picture of a butterfly today. She told me "he got into a raccoon and then got to be a beautiful butterfly."

This was while we were at the library. We had to leave the library early because of a giant fit by Eiley. I made her stop coloring as punishment for purposely coloring on the table. She had just colored on the butcher block at home an hour earlier and was told how that isn't okay, blah blah blah. So she was having a break down since I wouldn't let her color. I got her calmed down and then we went to pick out a DVD. She wanted a Blue's DVD, then she didn't, then she did, then she didn't...do you see a pattern. I tried to help, but she wasn't having it. After twenty minutes of that and me suggesting other DVDs that she turned down, I finally just put one in the bag I thought she'd like and told her we were going to get books. That's when the total meltdown happened. It was one of the kicking, screaming, spitting, mucousy bubbles blowing from her mouth type of fits. I tried to get her to stop, but I couldn't talk her down. I don't normally like to make one of the kids leave when another is throwing a fit because then I feel like they are both being punished. I was wearing Zia on my front since she wasn't feeling well and there was no way I could pick Eiley's flailing body up and calm her. I held her hand and tried to walk down the stairs with her. Instead she freaked out that I was holding her hand, so I let go, and she freaked out that I wasn't holding her hand. We finally got out of the library, for her to scream at me the entire way home in the car. I lost it halfway home and yelled for her to stop, which of course didn't help anything. She finally calmed down after we got home. Sometimes these fits are triggered by being hungry or tired, but she was neither.

Arya wrote her name unprompted today. Pretty good.
We went on a walk this afternoon and saw deer bones.

Miss Zia puked all over me today. She is teething and has a cold, which means she is swallowing a ton of mucus. She gagged today and lost it. I had puke dripping off my clothes, on the floor, the fridge, and Zia thought it was all funny.

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