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Monday, April 22, 2013

Dead Octopus

The girls wanted to see the octopus at the zoo today. I told them I wasn't sure if it was there or not, but we would go take a look at see. Arya asked me if it died. I told her that I didn't think it died. We went to look for it and it wasn't there. She announced that she was sure it had died and when I told her not all animals that aren't in their cage died, she said "can we look in your phone and see if he died?"

I talked to the girls' preschool teacher today about school for next year. I wanted to get a teachers perspective. I'm sure I wrote a few months ago about requesting they be in different classes. I keep second guessing myself. I really think it's probably the best thing for them as individuals, but it is still so hard to do since they are such buddies. Their teacher didn't know which way I was leaning. She said that if we keep them together, then one more year should be the max. She used to teach at a small private school and they only had one class for each grade, so twins were not separated. She basically voiced all my reasons for separating them and that made me feel better about my decision. She agrees that it is hard for a teacher to separate one individual from the other. She has seen teachers give grades to the wrong twin when they could not tell who was who in the same class. She also noted how Eiley in particular still says "EileyArya" when referring to herself. This is something I think is cute, but I have been wondering if it was time to start correcting her. Since her teacher mentioned it, not in a bad way at all, I decided it was definitely time to say something. When she said it later today, I explained that she was just Eiley and she could use just her name or I/me in place of "EileyArya". She totally understood too because we were at the zoo this afternoon and she used her own name instead of the entity EileyArya.

The girls asked me today what the sign for butterfly is. I showed them and then tried to get them to do it. Their interpretation of the sign looked a lot more like the sign for BS than the sign for butterfly. Of course I laughed, then I took a picture and sent it to Cork at work so he could enjoy their new word.

We went to the zoo this afternoon. It was nice, but super windy. I couldn't stop laughing at the peacock. He kept trying to show off to two peahens. The wind kept foiling him and he just looked like he was getting angry. I don't think the females were impressed at all.

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