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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Artistic Flair

The girls and I went grocery shopping today. When we got home, I attempted to put the groceries away. This always takes much longer than it should. Eiley disappeared for a few minutes while Arya hung out on a kitchen chair, danced, and watched me. Eiley came back and apparently handed Arya a bath crayon. I looked up to find Arya drawing on the kitchen counter. I fear that this is the beginning of a really long artistic flair that may be very damaging to my walls.

This afternoon, Arya demonstrated for Eiley how she has mastered climbing into her high chair. Eiley didn't want to be outdone. After seeing Arya do this once, Eiley gave it and try and got right up. Both climbed in later today while I was getting dinner ready. They hung out in the chairs for a good 10 minutes, keeping themselves entertained and out of my way. I honestly think this is the only time they sat still all day except for their nap. Their great grandma is here visiting and she said more than once that they are busy. I think busy might be an understatement.

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