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Thursday, December 2, 2010

This Little Piggie

The girls got a little pedicure today. I was painting my nieces toenails and they both sat down, pulled their socks off and pushed their feet toward me. I took that as a request.

Do you see something wrong with this picture? There are 2 kids in this house and we have 3 toothbrushes between them. The orange and green ones were bought at the same time. The orange one disappeared about 2 weeks ago. Cork and I looked every where we could think, but we couldn't find the toothbrush. In the meantime, we were brushing both of them with the same toothbrush. That sounds so redneck. LOL! They trade the toothbrushes back and forth anyway, along with pacifiers, toys, water bottles and just about everything else they put in their mouths. I finally gave up and bought the purple toothbrush on Tuesday. On Wednesday, Arya walked out of our office carrying the orange toothbrush. I think it may have been hidden in a basket of cat toys because she had a fake mouse in her other hand.

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  1. My twins have 2 but when one gets left at Big J's then we use the same they still share the same crib everything (minus cookies) we have in the past found them sucking each others thumbs must be a rite of being a twin they share EVERYTHING!