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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Beans Beans the Magical Fruit

I fed the kids bean soup for dinner last night. Today, they made me very glad that we cloth diaper. I think we would have gone through a whole package of disposables. In case they weren't going through cloth diapers fast enough, at lunch, they both destroyed their first outfits of the day. I stripped them both down and they took off running.

The girls are doing so many new funny things lately. Eiley has a little attitude. If I tell her not to do something, she smiles and does it any way. Yesterday, I told her to get her coat while we were at the gym. She ran to the coat rack and grabbed a coat that looked just like hers, but was a little bigger. I was surprised that she knew which one was hers. Today, I told her to come get her coat on. Instead, she grabbed Arya's coat, ran to her and shoved the coat at her. Both of them now pat each other on the back, rub each others head, and plug a pacifier in the other ones mouth. I love seeing them do this when one is upset and the other is trying to soothe her.

The soothing only goes so far. At 5:00 pm each day, the girls have a total break down. Today, they ate a whole avocado, grapes and peas at 4:00. They had a long nap this afternoon and slept in this morning. Despite that, they still had their 5:00 pm break down. I am completely out of ideas on how to stop this. Picking them up doesn't help because neither wants me holding the other one, so they just continue to yell and fight. I'm also usually trying to throw dinner together at this time, so I cook with the two of them screaming, each holding onto a leg. I thought I'd be clever today and put on a Signing Time DVD that we got from the library. They watched it longer than they've ever watched any things else on tv. I think it held their attention for a whole minute, maybe two.

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