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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Licking Things

Arya was sitting next to me on the couch today and ripped a huge fart.
A: Momma, you hear dat?
V: Yes, I heard that.
A: My fart

And then she follows it with a big laugh.

Tonight, we were all goofing off in my room. I was nursing Zia and singing songs for A&E. I sang, Ring Around the Rosies for them. When they were supposed to fall down, both girls, without missing a beat, shoved the other one backwards really hard. I have never seen them do this before, but they must have since they did it in sync with each other.

They are both really into licking things right now, especially each other. We spent 3.5 hours at this zoo today and I walked around in sandals. I also walked around our back yard barefoot. Eiley decided she should try to lick my feet. I was still on my bed, nursing Zia and trying to get her to stop because it's so disgusting. I finally got her to stop trying to lick my feet and she started licking my arm and Arya started tickling my feet. I have no idea how you get a 2 year old to stop doing something to you when you're laughing about it as you tell them to stop.

I don't know how anyone gets anything done with an infant if they don't have a carrier. I wear Zia all the time.

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